It’s Now Or Never

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Since the Cold War, it has become notably evident that Russian interference over democratic proceedings has increased. During my course in Government & Politics A-Level, I have taken a particular interest in the argument over whether there is a democratic deficit within the European Union. A key idea for this, would be that as Russia has increasingly interfered within democratic elections of European states, how is it possible to unify the European Union when elections themselves are not fully democratic? Such a question pushed me forward to read more about this topic, where I became fascinated by Russian espionage attempts…


Western States Need To Be On The Watch

On 25 April 1974, the Estado Novo regime lost its footing in a military coup organised by left-wing Portuguese military officers, known as the Armed Forces Movement (AMF). While the recent win for the reelection of President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa initiates a further five-year term for the Social Democratic Party (PSD), one needs to take into consideration the achievement for the rise of far-right populism for the party Chega.

Why is there a rise of far-right extremism in Portugal?

It is not something new. At most, many who would have voted in the recent Portuguese election would have witnessed…


Let’s Analyse To Find Out

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Woodrow Wilson stated in 1885 that “congress in its committee rooms is congress at work.” This statement is no more evident in today’s functions of Congress, where congressional committees set the legislative possibilities that each Congress can obtain. The question is, however, does Congress lack a good function in its legislative and oversight agenda, or does it fulfil its tasks well enough? The 116th Congress (2019 to 2021) is of no more than a prime example in assessing its lacking legislative function, with only one per cent of its laws enacted. …


Does The US Exceed That Of The UK?

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Both the Supreme Courts in the United Kingdom and the United States act differently due to the nature of each country’s constitution. While the UK’s uncodified constitution limits the political significance — the amount it is involved in the state or government-policy as distinguished to the rule of law — that the UK Court has, the contrary US codified constitution only highlights the increased political significance the US Supreme Court has. The US Court represents political appointees of Justices and makes ‘interpretative amendments’ to the US constitution in landmark cases, demonstrating its political significance. While in the UK, the Court…

Ewan Wilson

I like to write when I have the motivation.

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